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Customer Engagement Solutions

With the cost of acquiring new customers far exceeding the cost of retaining current ones, your built-in base of future sales is already in house. Whether you’re selling automobiles, boats, consumer electronics, or soap, the key to keeping your customers interested in repeat purchases is providing timely, relevant support and information that:

  • Engages the customer
  • Reinforces your brand image
  • Creates brand advocacy

Earn loyalty—and repeat sales—with targeted tactics.

By analyzing your specific customer loyalty objectives, GP Sandy (a division of GP Strategies) can develop a solution that incorporates one or more of the following strategies:

  • Custom communications—Build stronger relationships and increase brand advocacy through custom print and digital communications that positively impact your ROI.
  • Social media—Use popular social media to positively influence customer acquisition and loyalty.
  • Lifestyle accessories and portfolios—Improve customer satisfaction through informative lifestyle accessories and product portfolios.
  • Customer events—Want to stay close to existing customers and find new ones? Invite them to your place for a fun event. GP Strategies can help.
  • Partnership marketing—Engage customers by offering valuable discounts from well-known brand leaders.

Reinforce customer loyalty with our custom solutions.

GP Strategies and GP Sandy develop a variety of custom solutions that help support your marketing and education strategies. When combined with your quality product and service support, these solutions help engage the customer and reinforce a positive total ownership experience—thus reinforcing customer loyalty and advocacy.

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